International Declaration for Sustainable Development


About the International Declaration on the
Internet of Things for Sustainable Development.

The participants to the IoT Week 2017 conference in Geneva have adopted by acclamation the International Declaration on the Internet of Things for Sustainable Development. It presents a vision and a strategy for leveraging Internet of things to achieve the 17 Sustainable Development Goals adopted by the UN and the international community. It intends to pave the way to a closer collaboration between the international community of experts and researchers in the Internet of Things and the UN systems to turn sustainable development into a reality.

This Declaration has been prepared by the ITU and the IoT Forum through a six months process, involving open consultations. Anyone had the possibility to submit ideas and proposals for consideration through the conference website on each one of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals. A first draft has been elaborated by an editorial committee gathering the ITU and the IoT Forum and was submitted to over 200 experts from the IoT community and from the UN system. On the base of the comments received, a revised draft has been published before the conference. Dedicated sessions on IoT and sustainable development have been organized during the conference to fine tune the Declaration, which has been approved by acclamation at the end of the conference, on June 9 2017.

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