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IoT Lab offers a complete set of services for smart cities, including:

— Expertise and support for smart city solutions design and deployment, leveraging on experience gained with large scale deployments across Europe.

— Smart City applications and services for waste collection, water management, air quality, transportation, parking, privacy, etc.

— Planning, deploying and integrating smart city platforms with any IoT technology and open source frameworks such as FIWARE and TMF Open APIs.

— Co-creation methodologies to engage with citizens and other stakeholders when designing, assessing and validating smart city projects.


Examples of Smart City Applications


NAIADES Smart Water platform

NAIADES Smart Water platform provides AI empowered water distribution and quality monitoring to ensure compliance with international standards and regulations. It detects anomalies in the water consumption and generate predictions on the future water consumption. The platform can optimize watering of green spaces, detect water leakages and abnormal overconsumption, reducing fresh water loss and ensuring the real-time monitoring of water needs.
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ekoNET service provides an affordable end-to-end solution for air quality monitoring. The service includes air and other quality monitoring devices, to measure, store and visualize Common Air Quality Index (CAQI).
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parkNET monitors availability of the on-street parking bays in real time, via web and mobile applications. This solution significantly saves time for users in finding parking space, reducing gas emissions and improving utilization of parking spaces.
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fleetNET is a cloud-ready solution for efficient and comprehensive management of vehicles and other company assets, including optimization of waste collection services and reduction of other operational costs. The platform is designed for scalability, enabling the addition of fleet assets with any tracking device that counts with a supported communication protocol.
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privacy app

Privacy App

Privacy App helps smart cities in complying with the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) obligation to inform data subjects about their personal data processing. It is designed to complement IoT deployment and data collection in smart city environments. It supports privacy-by-design smart cities and citizens personal data protection.
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Our GDPR and privacy by design crowdsourcing solution enables to involve citizens into the co-creation, deployment and assessment of smart city solutions.

Smart City Expertise.

Smart city projects are exposed to technology lock-in and scalability limitation. IoT lab gathers top level international experts to support you in designing ad hoc solutions and architectures that avoid any vendor lock-in and ensure scalability, interoperability and data protection by design. Read more about our board of experts.

Without citizens support, launching a smart city project can be politically exposed. IoT Lab has a strong expertise in end-user co-creation methodology, process and validation to closely align smart city projects with the municipality and citizens expectations.

IoT Lab provides a unique and comprehensive expertise in privacy and data protection for smart cities to comply with the applicable regulations, including the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). From design, Impact Assessment (DPIA), audit of compliance, Europrivacy certification, and customized solutions such as Privacy App for smart cities. IoT Lab offers a specialized expertise in IoT security, from design to deployment and audit, including penetration tests for Cybersecurity to ensure citizen data security. Read more about our data protection and privacy services.

IoT Lab has expertise in all mainstream IoT standards and platforms, including over 50 IoT standards and communication protocols, as well as in open-source frameworks such as FIWARE, UDGA, TMF, Gaia-X and IDSA. An IoT Lab expert is the Editor of the ITU Recommendation on Open API for IoT data in smart cities.

Smart City projects enable innovative financing models with regional and international funding mechanisms. IoT Lab helps cities to develop new financing and business models, as well as introduction to potential investors and sources of funding.

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World-class Expertise

Established by the IoT Forum President, IoT Lab is an international platform of services headquartered in Geneva. It serves as official FIWARE and SLICES hubs for Switzerland, TM Forum lead partner for IoT, Europrivacy official partner, member of the Metaverse Forum, IPv6 Forum, and UTA. It gathers lead experts in ICT innovation and standardization (including ITU, ISO, IEC, IETF, IEEE, etc.), as well as international references with large-scale projects. Discover our Board of Experts.

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