The Hub for digital
Internet of Things,
and data protection

Born in the European research programme, IoT Lab gives you access
to the most advanced technologies, international expertise,
and top-tier engineers to address your demands.

Driven by Innovation


To bring international expertise, research, and innovation to the market through reliable and cost-effective services for:

Digital Transformation
Digital Transformation

From Internet of Things deployments to artificial intelligence.

Data Protection
Data Protection

From IoT deployment, to sustainable development, and data protection.

Research and Development
Research and Development

With the largest European testbed infrastructure for ICT.

Sustainable Development
Sustainable Development

With international experts and innovative methodologies.

Digital Transformation

ICT Services

Smart City Applications

Smart Cities

Privacy and Security

Data Protection

Multidisciplinary Expertise in Sustainable Development

Sustainable Development

Research Lab with largest European ICT research infrastructure

Research & Development

Scalable IoT Platforms


Reliable partner

Why us?

We offer you:

International experts in IoT and digital transformation

IoT Lab brings together a unique platform of international experts encompassing all aspects of digital transformation, including the Presidents of the IoT Forum, IPv6 Forum, Europrivacy, Smart City Lab.

Client-centric approach

to precisely address your needs

Agile and cost-efficient services

with a pay as you use option to save costs and to avoid fix charges

Direct access to European and international research

IoT Lab is born in the European research and is connected to over 150 research partners in 22 countries.

Experience with large-scale projects and deployments, including major European cities

The IoT Lab research team has worked on several large-scale deployment, including with cities such as Milan, Manchester, Santander, Helsinki, Antwerp, Carouge.

Unique expertise in IoT deployment, integration, and interoperability

IoT Lab has a unique expertise in heterogeneous systems and IoT integration, including legacy systems integration to prevent vendor lock-in.

Standardization insight to anticipate upcoming technologies

IoT Lab gathers senior experts in standardization with leading roles and responsibilities in standardization bodies such as ITU, ISO, IEEE, ETSI, IETF, etc.

Multidisciplinary team from ICT to law, business, and sustainable development.

IoT Lab gathers experts and professionals with complementary backgrounds and expertise, from ICT, Internet of Things, and artificial intelligence, to privacy, data protection, law, economy, sustainable development, end-user co-creation and validation.

References across various verticals

IoT Lab team has experience across various verticals, including smart cities, medical data, telecom sector, smart industry, energy, connected vehicles, smart buildings, water management and smart agriculture.

Expertise in next generation network technologies

IoT Lab gathers top level expertise in networking technologies, from IPv6, to 5G/6G, and IoT networks, including network virtualization (NFV, SDN, etc.) and dynamic slicing to support the deployment of highly scalable network architecture.

Access to the largest European ICT testbed infrastructure

IoT Lab participates in the development of SLICES, the largest research infrastructure for ICT research and development. It already provides access to thousands of end nodes across Europe for testing and validating solutions.

Privacy and data protection expertise

IoT Lab is a Europrivacy official partner and delivers services for data protection impact assessment, privacy by design, audit and gap analysis, Swiss and GDPR certification.

Sustainable development and SDGs expertise

IoT Lab maintains a unique methodology, IAM4SDG, developed through the European research programme to assess, minimize, and monitor your environmental and climatic footprint.

Code and ICT solutions development

IoT Lab provides a cost-efficient service to deliver code and ad hoc ICT solutions and services.

Let’s collaborate

World-class Expertise

Established by the IoT Forum President, IoT Lab is an international platform of services headquartered in Geneva. It serves as official FIWARE and SLICES hubs for Switzerland, TM Forum lead partner for IoT, Europrivacy official partner, member of the Metaverse Forum, IPv6 Forum, and UTA. It gathers lead experts in ICT innovation and standardization (including ITU, ISO, IEC, IETF, IEEE, etc.), as well as international references with large-scale projects. Discover our Board of Experts.

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