The Hub for digital
services, Internet of
Things, and data

Born in the European research programme, IoT Lab gives you
access to the most advanced technologies, international expertise,
and top-tier engineers to address your demands.

Driven by Innovation


To deliver digital transformation, ICT development, and IoT deployments with innovative, reliable, and cost-effective services.

Digital Transformation
Digital Transformation

We help digital companies to volume their self-interest.

IoT Deployment
IoT Deployment

Audits help your company to have the unique plan for your brand.

ICT Development
ICT Development

Strategy is a forward-looking plan for your brand's behavior.

Premium Services
Premium Services

Position you brand among leading companies

Digital Transformation

ICT Services

Smart City Applications

Smart Cities

Privacy and Security

Data Protection

Multidisciplinary Expertise in Sustainable Development

Sustainable Development

Research Lab with largest European ICT research infrastructure

Research & Development

Scalable IoT Platforms


Reliable partner

Why us?

We offer you:

Agile, scalable and cost-efficient services.

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Customized projects, services and solutions

Tailored to your needs

Access to the most advanced technologies

Thanks to our active participation in European and international research projects

Cross-vertical experience with international references

Including smart cities, smart agriculture, smart transportation, connected vehicles, smart factory and industry, smart energy and water management.

Largest European ICT testbed and research infrastructure

To assess and validate solutions and technologies before deploying them

Expertise in standards and interoperability

To support legacy integration and to prevent any business lock-in

Multidisciplinary expertise encompassing

ICT and Internet of Things, user experience, co-creation, data protection, regulatory compliance, and sustainable development

Robust and sustainable technologies

Leveraging open and interoperable standards

Green and privacy by design solutions

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Let’s collaborate

World-class Expertise

Established by the IoT Forum President, IoT Lab is an international platform of services headquartered in Geneva. It serves as official FIWARE and SLICES hubs for Switzerland, TM Forum lead partner for IoT, Europrivacy official partner, member of the Metaverse Forum, IPv6 Forum, and UTA. It gathers lead experts in ICT innovation and standardization (including ITU, ISO, IEC, IETF, IEEE, etc.), as well as international references with large-scale projects. Discover our Board of Experts.

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