– IoT Week webstreaming –

Pre-Event day 15.06.
9:30   SIGFOX Training Leds&Chips training
10:00 TICE Mirror Platform OPEN OPEN
  Launch of the
AIOTI Portuguese Mirror Platform
max 100 pax
max 100 pax
Auditorium III

Auditorium IV

Room 1.08
  Pedro Maló Pedro Costa Mauricio Martins
12:30-14:00 Lunch Break
14:00 Info session on IoT IBM Bluemix Training Libelium Training
Auditorium III
max 100 pax

1.-Introduction to Bluemix
2.-Primer on the MEAN (MongoDB, Express, Angular and NodeJS )
3.- Follow on with LiveEdit on IBM
4.- IoT service
5.- NodeRed

Auditorium IV
max 100 pax
Room 1.08
  João Mil-Homens Sara Roberto David Bordonada
17:30-18:30 Welcoming Coctail (Sponsored by UNPARALLEL + UK Embassy Trade & Investment)


Research day 16.06.
8:30 IoT Week 2015 Lisbon Opening
– Pedro Maló, (IoT Week Lisbon Chair Person)  IoT Forum / UNINOVA / FCT-UNL, Portugal

– Sébastien Sziegler, IoT Forum / MANDAT International, Switzerland
Auditorium II
8:50 IoT Week Research Day Opening
– Philippe Cousin, EGM, France

Auditorium II
9:00 EC strategy, the research agenda and the AIOTI 
– Thibaut Kleiner, European Commission
Auditorium II
9:15 European Research Spotlight/Keynote
– Jan Höller, Ericsson Research, Sweden

Auditorium II
9:50 IoT International research roadmaps
– IoT International Research Roadmap – Pedro Marron, UDE Smart Action
– IoT Startegic Research And Innovation Agenda 2015 – Ovidiu Vermesan, IERC
– IoT and Future Internet Roadmap. – Jose Gonzales, (UPM), FI-LINK
– Views from the USA: Mahmoud Daneshmand, Stevens Institute of Technology

Auditorium II
11:00-11:20 Coffee Break
11:20-11:40 Panel ( with all+ Taiwan, Africa, Brazil ..) consolidating International Roadmap 
Auditorium II
11:40-12:40 Action plan on Semantic Interoperability for large scale IoT 
Martin Serrano – (EC IERC AC4  Position Paper), INSIGHT, Ireland
Omar Elloumi – (OneM2M), Alcatel-Lucent, France
Klaus Moessner – (Hypercat), UniSurrey, UK
Bart De Lathouwer – (Interoperability) , OGC Belgium
Antonio Jara – (OMA), HopU, Switzerland
Jaime Jiménez (IPSO Alliance) – Sweden (VideoConferencia)
Final Message:
– Use of IoT Experimentation Testbeds for Progressing on Interoperability – Bruno Almeida – Fiesta

Auditorium II
12:40-13:00 Panel- Q&A – drawing list of recommandations and actions
Auditorium II
13:00-14:00 Lunch Break
14:00 Room 1.08

  Research roadmaps for embedded systems and Industrial IoT
Chair: Christian Prasse

Auditorium IV 


   5G and IoT
Chair: Rui L. Aguiar & Marika Stalnacke

Room 1.07

AIOTI WG3 IoT Standardisation SDO
Chair: Patrick Guillemin

Auditorium II


EU-US Smart Cities Workshop
Chair: Philippe Cousin

Auditorium III


IoT Large-Scale Analytics Workshop
Chair: John Soldatos

Room 3A


(Security and Privacy in Internet of Things) Conference

15:30-15:50 Coffee Break
15:50   Auditorium IV

Large-Scale IoT needs and Fire IoT available offerings
Chair: Michael Nilsson

17:20-17:30 Small Break
17:30-18:30 Day Wrap-up (pitch presentations by session organisers to communicate outcomes of session and follow-ups)


Industry Day 17.06.
08:50-09:00 IoT Week Industry Day Opening
Rolf Riemenschneider, Head of Sector IoT and Optical Networks, DG CNECT, European Commission

Auditorium II
09:00-09:30 National/International Industry Spotlight/Keynote    
– IoT of the Cognitive City, António Pires dos Santos, IBM Portugal

Auditorium II
09:30-09:55 Keynote: Creating an IoT Ecosystem through Scenarios
Hendrik Berndt, IEEE IoT Initiative Scenarios Track

Auditorium II
09:55-11:00 Panel: Verticals for Large-Scale IoT
Convener: Pedro Maló (UNPARALLEL Innovation)
Smart Cities and Smart Mobility – Rui Costa, Ubiwhere
Smart Production & Manufacturing – Gonçalo Fortes, Prodsmart
Water Management – Paulo Nico, SMAS Almada
Energy Efficiency and Smart Homes – Sergio Salustio, Bosch Termotecnologia Portugal
Insurance & Banking – Diogo Franco, Generali Group Spain

Auditorium II
11:00-11:20 Coffe Break
11:20-11:45 European Industry Spotlight/Keynot
–Tony Guerion, Head of M2M Southern Europe & Middle East at Vodafone Group Enterprise UK

Auditorium II
11:45-12:35 Panel: Horizontals for Large-Scale IoT
Convener: João Salgueiro (Business Development, Product and Innovation Director at Thales Portugal, S.A.)

Custom-made IoT Solutions – Bruno Almeida, Unparalell Innovation
Technology for Large-Scale – Alicia Asín, Libelium
Internet of Things 2.0 – Enrique Zorzano, CEO Narrownet Portuguese SIGFOX
FIWARE/IOT – Carlos Ralli Ucendo, Telefonica, Spain
IoT Standards – Georgios Karagiannis, Principal Standard Strategist, Huawei Technologies

Auditorium II
12:35-13:00 International Industry Spotlight/Keynote
– Chris Greer, Director of Smart Grid + CPS Program Office and National Coordinator for Smart Grid Interoperability

Auditorium II
13:00-14:00 Lunch Break
14:00 Room 1.07


Technologies for Large-Scale IoT: Education
Chair: Alicia Asín

Auditorium III


How cable and telcos supports large-scale Internet-of-Things
Chair: Kenneth Fricklas

Auditorium IV


IoT Wearables Workshop
Chair: Pedro Marrón

Auditorium II

Smart Cities and Large-Scale IoT
Chair: Rui Costa

 Room 1.08


Retail and IoT
Chair: Rob van Kranenburg

Room 1.06


IoT in the Banking & Insurance sector
Chair: Jorge Pereira, Infosistema

15:30-15:50 Coffee Break
15:50 Auditorium III


Happy Fire IoT experimenters
Chair: Michael Nilsson

Room 1.06


IoT is Art, Art is Life
Chair: Luis Miguel Girão

Small Break
17:30-18:00 Day Wrap-up (pitch presentations by session organisers to communicate outcomes of session and follow-ups)


Innovation day 18.06.
09:00-09:25 IoT Week Innovation Day Opening
Challenges and opportunities for European IoT SMEs in the advent of Large Scale Deployment Era
– Jim Morrish, Machina Research
Auditorium II
09:25-09:50 The European Alliance for IoT Innovation (AIOTI)
– Rolf Riemenschneider, Head of Sector Internet of Things, DG Connect, European Commission
Auditorium II
09:50-10:20 Panel discussion – How to boost Innovations from IoT research deployments and demonstrators
– Maurizio Spirito, ISMB, Italy
– Peter Rosengren (CNET, Sweden)
– Raph Crouan (Startupbootcamp, U.K.)
– Marc Fabregas (Zolertia, Spain)

Auditorium II
10:20-10:50 Panel: Open Platforms leading Innovation
Martin Serrano, (SIGHT, Bertrand copigneaux INNO)
Openlo Foundation, INSIGHT, Ireland

– Gaël Blondele (IoT Activity), Eclipse Foundation – France
– Franck Le Gall (Butler Open platforms Initiative), EGM – France
– Shivakumar Mathapathi (SmartCities innovation), DEW Mobility – USA
– Martin Bauer OneM2M (OneM2M), NEC- Germany
Auditorium II
10:50-11:10 Coffee break
11:10-11:50 A ( new? )Information Systems Manifesto for the Internet Galaxy
– Prof. Almiro de Oliveira, UCP, ISEG/UTL,European Vice-President of ISGec (Information Systems Governance European Club)
Auditorium II
11:50-12:20 Panel discussion – Panel discussion – Acceleration IoT ideas to market: ecosystems, support  measures and investment opportunities
– Dr. Irene Lopez de Vallejo, Digital Catapult
– Géraldine Andrieux-Gustin, BLUMORPHO CEO
– Nuno Varandas, SOUL-FI FIWARE Accelerator
– Bernardo Gaeiras, Director Fablab Lisboa
– Alin Stanescu, Qaulcomm (TBC)
– Maarten Botterman, GNSK

Auditorium II
12:20-12:50 Panel discussion – IoT Privacy and Society   
– Rob van Kranenburg, IoT Council / Chair of IERC AC8 Societal
– Alexandra Rudl, Coordinator of the FI Business project
– Roger Torrenti, CEO of Sigma Orioni
– Payam Barnaghi, University of Surrey

Auditorium II
12:50-13:00 IoT Hackathon Award Ceremony
– Prizes Introduction by IBM Portugal
– Prizes announcement & small presentations of winning IoT projects
Auditorium II
13:00-14:00 Lunch break
14:00 Auditorium II


Innovations and experiences from IoT deployments and demonstrators Chair: Maurizio Spirito

Auditorium III


Crowd-sourced services for smart regions and cities Chair: Marita Holst, LTU

Room 1.07


Towards Large Scale Pilots experimenting IoT in Manufacturing Ecosystems: challenges and opportunities Chair: Sergio Gusmeroli

Room 1.08


IoT & Society Workshop Chair: Rob van Kranenburg

Auditorium IV


IoT Security & Privacy Workshop
Chair: Adam Kapovits

16:00-16:20 Coffee break
16:20-17:00 Day Wrap-up (small presentations by each session organiser) + Iot Week Closing Cerimony


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