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Monday 17.6.2013 – IoT & Innovation

Opening Session - Keynote Addresses

Welcome Address by Kimmo Ahola Tekes – Finnish Funding Agency for Technology and Innovation

Mario Campolargo - Director of the Net Futures Directorate, EC

Kevin Ashton - General Manager, Belkin Cleantech Division (VIDEO)

Jari Arkko - ERICSSON, Chairman of the International Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF)

Michael Koster - The Open Source Internet of Things

Maria Badia i Cutchet - Member of European Parliament

IERC Cluster

The IERC - European Research Cluster on the Internet of Things, Ovidiu Vermesan; Peter Friess

International Session: Promoting Mutual Interested Cooperation Elements

International Cooperation Need strong Industry Involvement - Philippe Cousin (IERC, Smart Action)

IoT Towards 2020 Vision. Japan and Worldwide - Ryo Imura (Hitachi Systems , senior VP, Executive Director)

IoT in US and Cooperation in Open IoT Platform - Scott McNeill, Michael Koster

IoT Status in Korea - Hong, Yong-Geun (ETRI Korea)

Needs for Support in Promoting IoT Applications in Brazil - Gabriel Marao (IoT forum Brazil)

EU-China IoT Cooperation Items - Zhang Xueli (CATR of MIIT, China)

IoT for Addressing Societal Challenges in Africa - Louis Coetze (CSIR , South Africa)

Win-Win Cooperation Between HW and SW in IoT - K.Y.Wang (Executive VP III Taiwan)

A Sensing and Sense-Making Framework to Unify Government-Centric Smart City Applications in Singapore - Hwee-Pink (TAN, Institute for Infocomm Research, Singapore)


IoT Research and Development and Innovation in Finland: Finland’s national Internet of Things activities


Productivity with IoT: VTT Spearhead Program - Heikki Ailisto (VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland)

Smart Lighting - Janne Aikio (VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland)

Global Asset Management with IoT - Pirkka Tukeva (VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland)

Finland’s National IoT Program - Wilhelm Rauss (Ericsson and Tivit)

Networking Resource Restricted Small Devices - Jyrki Huusko (VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland)

Summary of Selected Trials and Demos of the National Tivit IoT Program - Heikki Ailisto (VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland)

EcoApartment Solution - Mikael Latvala (There Corporation)

Tekes Ubicom Programme - Kimmo Ahola (Tekes)

How the ‘Internet of Everything’ is set to Revolutionize the Industrial and M2M Sector - Andrei Lobov (Tampere University of Technology, FAST-Lab)

Cloud-based Service Platform for Wireless Sensor Networks - Marko Hännikäinen (Marko Hännikäinen, Adjunct Professor, Tampere University of Technology)

Modular Hardware and Software Solutions for Industrial Wireless Applications - Mikael Björkbom (D.Sc. (tech), Post-Doc Researcher, Aalto University)

Tuesday 18.6.2013 – IoT & Technologies


Using P2P technology for ultra scalable, secure, robust and autonomous IoT device management, Nabto


“Brothers in ARM”: Architectural Reference Model Workshop


AC4 Service Openness - Open Platform

Opportunities for Open Horizontal Platforms - Massimo Valla (Telecom Italia / BUTLER)

FIWARE openness and what is the challenge of Open Innovation Lab (OIL) - Thierry Nagellen (Orange Labs)

iCORE - Vera Stavroulaki (University of Piraeus)

OpenIOT / GAMBAS - Martin Serrano (DERI)

Libelium: Waspmote as horizontal platform and the Cooking Hacks approach - Alicia Asín Pérez (Libelium)

ComVantage: Enablers for Future Internet Information Interoperability - Oscar Lazaro (Comvantage)

Service openness Session report

Improving Horizontal IoT Interoperability

Preliminary Agenda

Status of IERC AC4 Interoperability

-       Service Openness - Feedback from Morning Session

-       Technical Interoperability

-       Semantic Interoperability

Best practices - Semantic Interoperability

-       Interoperability between IERC projects

-       OGC Best Practices

-       Comvantage Project

-       Compose Project

Interoperability – Future Research and Vision

-       Eternal and Dynamic Interoperability

-       Interoperability Repository

Interoperability - Next Steps

Data Model Architecture of the Open Horizontal Platform

Semantic Interoperability in IoT (tools and solutions)


Sensing the Great Wide Open - Adaptive Frameworks for Scalable Data Acquisition


Wednesday 19.6.2013 – IoT Entrepreneurship & Business


Bootstrapping in the IoT, Libelium, Alicia Asín Pérez, CEO & CO-founder

Internet of Things in Production: Industrie 4.0, Stefan Ferber, Bosch Software Innovations GmbH

Business models for the IoT

The killer IOT business model for corporations, and other fantasies, Rasmus Blom, Grundfos Connect

Business models for smart cities, Sophie Vallet-Chevillard, inno TSD

IoT business ecosystem, iCore

Business Models for IoT: now & future, Pedro Malo, Uninova

IoT and Connected Digital Economy

IoT and the Connected Digital Economy, Richard Froggie, ESP KTN

UK IoT Ecosystem Demonstrators

EyeHub Project Overview

IoT for Manufacturing: Technological Challenges and Business Cases

Introduction of the Workshop, Objectives - Sergio Gusmeroli (TXT e-solutions SPA)

IPv6, the Internet of Everything and Manufacturing - Latif Ladid (IPv6 Forum, Chair IEEE ComSoc IoT WG)

OPC UA as an Enabler for the Internet of Things - Lars Dürkop (Institute Industrial IT - Ostwestfalen-Lippe University of Applied Sciences, Germany)

Knowledge as a Key Factor in Manufacturing - Jesus Benedicto Cirujeda (Atos Research)

IoT@Work: Internet of Things Solutions in Manufacturing - Amine M. Houyou (Siemens AG)

IoT in Production: a Pilot Case in Automotive Industry - Oscar Lazaro (INNOVALIA)

IoT in Indoor Logistics: a Pilot Case in Forklift Management - Stefan Wellsandt (BIBA)

IoT in Maintenance: a pilot case in Aeronautic industry - Roberto Sanguini (AGUSTA)

IoT in Operations: a pilot case in White Goods industry - Alessandro Molinengo (INDESIT)


Informed Consent: from Transparency to Fatigue

Informed consent, Bertrand Copigneaux, inno TSD

Informed Consent &Bird&Bird


AC2 Meeting

Session 1: IERC Projects Progress and Updates

Presentation by BUTLER Project

Presentation by IoT-A project (including Q&A) - Martin Bauer (IOT-A)

Presentation by IoT@Work project (including Q&A) - Domenic Rotondi (IOT@Work)

Presentation by ebbits project (including Q&A) - Claudio Pastrone (ebbits)

Session 2: Interoperability and Scalability of Addressing / Discovery Solutions - Planning of next steps

Introduction to Interoperable and Federated IoT Addressing & Discovery Schemes - John Soldatos (OpenIoT project)


Thursday 20.6.2013 – IoT for Smart Cities


Smart City: Future Opportunities and Challenges - Yo Nakajima (CTO Hitachi- EU)

Smart Cities are the Internet of Things - Zach Shelby (Co-Founder and Chef Nerd of Sensinode)

Internet of People for a Post-Oil World - Rob Van Kranenburg (Founder of IoTCouncil)

Smart Cities Backed by Smart Citizens - Alica Asin Perez (CEO Libelium)

Create-Net, Internet of Relation in the IoT - Abdur Rahim (iCore Manager)

Smart City in Australia - Slaven Marusic (University of Melbourne)

FAST Lab Smart City in Finland - Corina Postelnicu (Tampere Univerisy of Technology)

Benchmarking Framework: Evaluating Impacts of Worldwide IoT based Services and Applications in Smart Cities - Sophie Vallet Chevillard (Inno TSD)

Presentation by Jorge Pereira (Head of Smart Lab, ATOS)

Presentation by Dimisthennis Kyriazis (Univeristy of Athens)

REPORT on Afternoon Session

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