Exhibition Area


The International Conference Centre of Geneva (CICG) will provide an exhibition area for projects and companies to showcase their latest products, research results and solutions.

This is an exquisite opportunity for the exhibitors to connect and network with the most relevant IoT experts, leaders and company representatives.

The exhibition area is limited and the space will be allocated according to the two main criteria:
– Relevance of the exhibition for the conference
– Chronological order of application

Introduce yourself to the IoT Week 2017 audience!

Exhibition area offer

During the event, you can benefit from an exhibition area of around 220 m2 where booths of 6, 12, 18 or 24 m2 are available for rent. Each booth space is provided with:

  •   1 table
  •   2 chairs
  •   Power supply
  •   A vertical white panel/billboard
  •   WiFi (25Mb/s)

Access passes must be purchased separately.


Price for the booth area per 6m2 surface:

Commercial 6m2 booth (SME, industrial group) 1’200 CHF
Non-commercial 6m2 booth (university, academic projects) 600 CHF

It includes provision for:

  •   1 table
  •   2 chairs
  •   1 panel
  •    Wifi

For larger surface, you can just multiply the price per 2 for 12 m2, per 3 for 18m2 and per 4 for 24m2

Price for exhibitor pass (special reduction to man the booth)

1 x Exhibitor pass 250 CHF

It includes access to:

  • Exhibition area for 1 person (1 table + 2 chairs + 1 panel + Wifi)
  • Hackathon for 1 person
  • CICG conferences for 1 person
  • Lunches for 1 person
  • Reception for 1 person

These badges are specifically intended for exhibitors to man the booths. They do not include the access to the sessions, nor the gala dinner.  If your representative wants to access the sessions, he can register as a regular participant.

For regular registration, with access to the sessions, please check the general registration fees.

How to register?

You can apply for an exhibition area by filling the application form .

Booth allocation takes into account the relevance of the proposed exhibition and a first come first served basis. We will select and allocate the booth requests through several rounds, at the end of each month period. If you want to maximize your chances, we invite you to submit your request as early as possible.

After receiving your application, we will confirm you the availability and allocation of the booth. You will then be invited to pay your space and you will receive a code allowing you to purchase reduced exhibitor passes to man the booth.

Be aware that registration for exhibition area distinct from participant and access registration. If you apply for an exhibition area, you must plan to register at least one person to be present on site. As exhibitor, you have two options:

– Reduced exhibitor pass registration with a reduced price reserved to exhibitors, which enables to access the venue and the exhibition area, but not the sessions. Exhibitors can purchase one reduced exhibitor badge per 6 m2 booth and two badges per larger booth.

– Regular pass registration if your representative intends to attend the sessions too and/or the gala dinner;

You can also contact us for more information: exhibition-iotweek2017@hes-so.ch

Why to exhibit?

New business opportunities

You will be on the spots to discover significant innovations and identify new market trends and needs!


Partners, experts, customers in IoT: all gathered in one place during 4 days!

Booth available

Depending on options you choose, your booth will be ready for you and you will just need to start  working and networking!

Opening hours

Hours Tuesday 06/06 Wednesday 06/07 Thursday 06/08 Friday 06/09
08:00 – 15:00 Installation Exhibition Exhibition Exhibition
15:00 – 18:30 Installation Exhibition Exhibition Dismantling


NOTE: Switzerland has its own standard plug/socket system –  SEV 1011 , also known as type J.

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