• Lisbon

    IoT Week Lisbon

    The Internet of Things Week 2015 will take place 16-18 June 2015 in Lisbon, Portugal.

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  • iot

    IoT Week 2015 programme

    The core programme of the IoT week runs from 16th June to 18th June with side events happening 15th June and 19th June. The three core days are split into Research, Industry and Innovation - one day for each. Alongside all three days there is also an exhibition and hackathon (more to follow soon).

    IoT Week 2015 programme

  • hackathon

    IoT Hackathon Lisbon

    The IoT Week 2015 also includes an IoT hackathon – the first ever in Portugal. IoT Hackathons are melting pots of hands-on innovation and excellence where the IoT tech wizards create the magnificent IoT solutions.

    IoT Hackathon Lisbon

  • Propose Exhibitions

    Propose Exhibitions

    The main exhibition area is situated in a high visibility area of the venue. If you are interested in exhibition space - please get in touch.The exhibition proposals will be collected and evaluated by the IoT Week secretariat. The collection closes 31st March

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  • Speaker at Business Conference and Presentation.


    Registrations are open with Early Bird set for May, 15th 2015. You can say that we have discount and special registration for plenary speakers, session organisers, session presenters/speakers, European Commission personnel and UNINOVA/UNL participants.


  • Lisbon festivities

    Lisbon festivities

    June 12th-13th: the best night (extending throughout the weekend) to be in Lisbon of the whole year. Don't miss it!!!

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    IoT Week Newsletter

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The Internet of Things Week 2015

Join us for one week to discuss and prepare future Large Scale IoT deployments

You can participate by proposing a session that you organize and run. You can organize an exhibition space to present your project, ideas or products and services. Or you can just join the IoT Week as a participant.

IoT Week 2015 is organised along three tracks – Industry, Research and Innovation:


What research is needed for supporting large-scale IoT of the future?
the RTD views, the users’ concerns, the research policy views, etc.


How is industry supporting the jump to large-scale IoT?
The telecoms views, the technologists’ views, the killer applications, the SME views, etc.


What needs to be done to stimulate large-scale adoption of IoT?
Venture capital, accelerators, open innovation, new innovation schemes, etc.

Join as a participant Exhibitors


The IoT Week originated in the IoT European Research Cluster (IERC) and has become the pre-eminent event in Europe attracting industry and research from around the world to showcase and discuss the Internet of Things of today and of the future. Since 2014 the IoT Week is organised by the IoT Forum, jointly with a local host chosen by the members of the IoT Forum.

IoT Week 2015 is devoted to creation of ecosystems, partnerships and value chains across the domains to ensure rapid deployment of interoperable and replicable IoT solutions. IoT Week 2015 will contribute to understanding of the future of the Internet of Things in large scale deployments considering the technological dimension but also user acceptance, security and privacy, business models, etc. As such, it will pave the way for the future European Internet of Things Large Scale Pilots (LSP) envisioned for the Horizon 2020 Work Programme 2016-17.

Lisbon as the hosting city

For 2015, Portugal has been selected as hosting country of the IoT Week!
The main event will take place from June 16th-18th in Lisbon.


The IoT Week 2015 takes place exactly on the week after the best night to be in Lisbon in the whole year: the night of June 12th to 13th (that extends throughout the weekend)! Every year the city of Lisbon celebrates the day of its patron saint, St. Anthony, and hosts a diverse program that combines traditional and folk events, with other more recent and eclectic ones. Be sure not to miss, if you can! Please book flights and accommodations ahead as it tends to get scarce and expensive as time passes by!!

IoT Week 2015 hosted by:
UNINOVA Universidade Nova de LisboaFCT Lisboa IoT Forum


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